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It about 20 ethnic groups of Orang Sungei, which means “People of the River” are majority Muslim,some are Christian religion . Their lives are concentrated around the Kinabatangan River, fresh water shrimps and fishes are heir important source . The river is also their means of communication. Besides fishing, the villagers also do rice and orchard planting, and harvesting wild plants as vegetables. Their main language is Malay and most of the older does not understand English but not for some of the youngest . They are very friendly , welcoming people and who are hospitable and diverse in Cultural heritage.

Kinabatangan River is one of the best places in Borneo - indeed in all of South East Asia and has the largest concentration of wildlife in the South East Asian region. Floodplain is the home to over 250 birds, 90 mammals, 90 freshwater fish (the richest freshwater fishery in Sabah), 20 reptile and at least 15 amphibian species. Other than being home to Borneo's indigenous Orang Utan and proboscis monkey, the surrounding forest is also one of only two known places in the world where 10 species of primates are found. A few species of hornbill found in Borneo make the area their home. You might even sight an Asian elephant or a Sumatran rhinoceros around Kinabatangan river area . The best place to spot the endemic Borneo an Pygmy Elephant during Mar to Apr, June to July and Sept to Oct. You may spot these elephants crossing the river, or having fun by the river ,drinking and resting.

We welcome children to join our package. There is no charge of children below the age of 6 but please a company them, when they playing around. Always remember all your belongings we don’t have porter to carry your luggage. If u have valuables things please take care of it and if u need assistant from our staff, you may do so by talk to our staff, we do recommend you to do so.


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For booking online, you can make the 50% deposit by sending through Western Union, Banking TT or by Paypal to our Company. We are a small company and humbly apologize that we do not except credit card terms, if you wanted to pay the balance. Sorry... Payment would be in cash, in Ringgit



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